The Snug Harbor Bar and Grill is the oldest continuously operated bar on the Oregon coast.  It was established here around 1930. 

Other businesses along this street included the Lincoln Theater, The Shop, which was a general merchandise store and a roller rink.  Rumor has it that the upstairs used to be a brothel!

Today cars and recreational vehicles line the streets of the Taft area of Lincoln City instead of the logging trucks that used to be parked up and down both sides of the road.  A lot of things have changed over the years, but much is still the same at the Snug Harbor.

The boardwalk of the 1930's has been replaced by a sidewalk and the rutted dirt road of the 1920's was replaced by the Roosevelt Highway (now Highway 101) in 1927.

The tables and benches and rough hewn timbers used in our recent addition were still milled on the premises from huge cedar and old growth fir logs snagged from the Siletz River.

If you stop in for a burger or a beer, you will still find a group of locals engaged in a friendly game of dominoes or cribbage.  You may not know anyone in town when you visit "The Snug", but chances are you'll have a room full of new friends by the time you leave.